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worship leader // singer // songwriter // canadian

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Music is compelling. There’s something about words and melodies mixed up together that speaks to us as people in profound ways. Even more, there’s something about not only listening but engaging and singing something together that stirs our souls. Songs connect with our experiences and help us express things we can’t otherwise express. Songs shape and change us. 

We as a church are called to gather regularly and sing together. Music, prayers, reading and hearing scripture, study and silence and are all elements of our gathered worship. These things are designed to influence, inform and affect every corner of our lives. Worship comes naturally to us – we all turn and focus, get excited about and give ourselves to something we think (or hope) is worthy. Often we turn the wrong ways. As we turn towards God, the One True Creator and Sustainer, the Saviour and King our lives are transformed as individuals and a community. This is why we sing. This is why I write songs - to engage people to think about what we worship, to give us a fuller picture and experience of a good God come down in the incarnation, and to turn our whole selves towards Him.

Who I am

I’m Dave, a singer/songwriter, worship leader and Christ follower who has a heart for the church and the intersection of faith and art. I am based in the lower mainland, studying towards my Masters of Arts in Theological Studies at Regent College in Vancouver. I was born in Hamilton, ON, did my undergrad in Saskatchewan, worked as a pastor in Lethbridge, AB and have had the privilege of touring the country coast to coast.

I’m also an ambassador for Compassion and love sharing about their ministry and the way that we all can be involved in loving and releasing children from poverty in Jesus name from around the world as a part of our worship.

I'm a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two fantastic kids. I love to spend time outside hiking, biking, canoeing and reading anything from modern fiction to the early church fathers. Connect with me about anything using the social media links below!


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