Change is one of those things that’s inevitable, and I’ve written, spoke and sang about that before. This season for us has been really unique though, and feels like a new chapter in our lives. There are so many things I could write about what God is teaching us through this crazy season, but I thought I’d take to the blog and give a few highlights for those who are following along in our journey.

God’s provision the things that have seemed huge and challenging has been unbelievable. I felt called to do my masters degree at some point and had come to a place where I felt like coming to Regent was the right thing, and this was the right season. After being accepted, I resigned from my job and we started figuring out what life would look like in Vancouver. God has provided two really cool and huge things in this season for us – an amazing place to live (for very little money) and an amazing way to get our stuff out here for free. People from the church – both ours and the greater church – have stepped in and provided for us as they believe in the way that we’re following God’s calling and want to support us. We are in awe of the situation we find ourselves in and feel bad explaining it others because we know how lucky we are. (We actually had a boarder guard today tell us that he didn’t believe us when we told him about our housing situation…)

These next two years are going to be a very different time for us than the last seven in Lethbridge. I won’t be working, but instead will be studying. We will be living in about as rural of a location as you can get this close to Vancouver – and yes, the irony of moving to Vancouver from Lethbridge and living in the country is not lost on us. Our kids will be starting school and preschool respectively in September. We are no longer homeowners. We are going to have to learn how to just attend church again, which we’re looking forward to. I hope my ministry in churches working with worship leaders and teams, talking about Compassion and leading worship will expand. We will have time to explore and spent time together as a family, make new friends and stay in touch with old ones. It’s a new chapter for us, and we’re excited to see how God continues to lead and guide us. Who knows what the chapter after this will look like, but we’re loving this one so far.