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You Reign (2020)

Jeff and I were at Briercrest together and have done some co-writing to serve our GTA churches over the past few years. We shared ideas and encouragement on how to lead worship well during Covid-19, and felt called to write a song that our churches could sing calling us  to remember the values of the Kingdom and the reign of the King, Jesus. We’ll be realeasing a studio version of this (and some other songs) in  the near future.

Give Us O Lord (2019)

This is a song I penned after finding a prayer by Thomas Aquinas in a service planning resource book from the 1950s (Tom wrote this prayer some 800 years before that). We liked the prayer so much that we designed a vinyl wall sticker and put it above our dining table, but when we had to move and couldn’t take the sticker with us I wanted to find a way to keep these words rolling around in my head. Enter music, that beautiful gift that connects memory, emotions, and truth in amazing ways. Recorded with a beautiful view of the lakes and mountains in Lake Country BC by Jordan Wiberg.

Even When (2019)

Written as my time pastoring in Lethbridge was coming to an end, this song gave melody to the well known promises found in Romans 8:38-39. It was a season of risk and trust for our family, and there was someone close to us battling with a sudden terminal cancer diagnosis that rocked our community. The first recording of this song can be found on YouTube, singing with a group of young adults on the top of a prairie hill (yes, they exist)  and reminding ourselves of the promises of God. This release was recorded with Jordan Wiberg.


Longings & Liturgies (2017)

This eight song album is again written primarily with congregational worship in mind, but takes a unique twist – marking moments on the church calendar with fresh songs. From the laid back opening “Make Way” which beckons us to prepare for advent and remembering of the coming of Christ to the lament of “How Long” marking Good Friday and the attempt to write a compelling vision of the Trinity in “Father Spirit Son” (also in 3/4 and coming  in at 3:33!), these songs draw us into the story of the gospel. Recorded in Vancouver and Nashville and produced by Ben Reynolds, this album was also part of my final project f or my Masters of Christianity and the Arts at Regent College which was supervised by Iwan Russel-Jones and Carolyn Arends. It was nominated for Praise and Worship album of the year in the 2018 GMA Covenant Awards.

[Songs for Singing] (2012)

After writing many songs in my teenage years and early 20’s, I decided it was time to dig in for a  season of writing songs that were theologically rich, musically compelling, and congregational accessible. The result was my debut EP [songs for singing], recorded in Nashville and produced by Ben Reynolds and Jason Germain. Both Ben and Jason are writers and performers in the music industry (Jason having spent 12 years in Downhere), worship leaders in their local churches, and alumni of Briercrest. The outcome is a beautiful set of simple but profound songs that are easily sung in all congregational settings and allow us to Glorify God together.

Want to use one of these songs in your worship service? Feel free!