I love working with leaders and teams to help develop a richer culture and understanding of worship on and off the stage. I offer individual training events with hands on sessions for worship team arranging, seminars on the theology of technology or the connection between justice, theolgoy and the arts. I also offer bespoke coaching for worship leaders and their churches, and would love to chat and find a way to serve your local church.

What it looks like

Reach Out

Send me an email and let me know what you’re looking for.

Help Me Know You

We’ll find a time to connect so I can hear about your unique context and needs.

Make A Plan

After we connect, I’ll spend some time writitg up a proposal of how I think I could best help and some wins that I could help you with.

Lock It In

When you’re comfortable, we’ll firm up the plan and I’ll give you some helpful resources for communicating to your team.


Inspire and Teach

We’ll have a great time together learning and growing with some foundational practices and lots of time for Q&A


Is my training perfect? Nope! I’d love to help with anything I’ve missed or new challenges that arrive after I’ve spent some time with you.

Training leaders to better serve the church makes a difference. Let’s get started!