A New Year of Covers…

So I’ve been thinking about new years and resolutions and such. This last year has probably been the craziest that my life has ever seen, and I’ve got all kinds of things that I could resolve to do over this next year, but I’d like to publicly throw one out there.

I’d like to play more songs.

Seems simple enough. I just want to spend more time at home playing and singing great songs. I want to play some of them in front of my computer and throw them up on youtube. Why not?

All that being said, I’d love some ideas for songs people would like to hear me play or think I should learn. I’ve got a small list of songs that I want to go after – old and new favourites – but I need an infusion of stuff I don’t yet know. So… what should I be covering? Seriously… I want some ideas. If you’re reading this, hook me up with some of your favourite tunes or things you want to hear a Dave Siverns acoustic mix of.

A happy new years to all! Here’s to a great year of learning and becoming more of who we were meant to be! (and maybe blogging a bit more than I did this last year…)