So life’s been fun lately, and I’ve been too distracted as of late to update this here blog. But don’t worry, I’m back now. Here are some things I’d like to write about in the upcoming little while:

– the joys and learning that is being a new father. It’s awesome, and Clara is growing and smiling lots these days!

– More songs and their stories. Yeah… I just need to write them.

– Thoughts on leading worship in Canada. I’ve been thinking lots about repertoire and what is unique about Canada as well as lots of stuff on the other aspects of a worship service, mainly visuals and lighting and the role they play.

– More random gear posts. I need to do one on buying your first guitar and buying a decent acoustic as I seem to get an email asking me questions about that every few months.

This should be fun, my life feels like it’s starting to settle into a bit of a routine which is good. Life gets interesting when you have a baby and buy a house!