Why I don’t blog more

I love blogs. They’ve become one of my favourite ways of keeping up on what’s going on in the world and exploring various opinions on all kinds of things. I don’t follow any specifically, but probably read a few a day, and usually really enjoy them. You’d think then that me blogging would be a natural extension of that. Some days I feel inspired and write something I think may be worthwhile. Most of the time I just feel guilty about not doing just that. Recently I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t (and shouldn’t) blog just because of that guilt. Here’s why:

  1. (I know… classic blog thing – the numbered list) I’m young and don’t know everything. In fact, the older I get the more I’m sure that I have LOTS to learn and I’m not sure I want to waste your time reading something I’m not sure is true or helpful. I hope I’ve got some useful things to say and interesting ideas, and will keep adding them as I feel compelled, but I’m not going to blog about everything just to feel important because I’ve got 100 hits on this thing. Maybe later in life I’ll have more awesome insights into stuff, but right now I’m really enjoying learning lots and not trying to teach everyone on the internet everything along the way.
  2. I’m busy. Aren’t we all? Yes. I have a wonderful young family, a busy (and varied) job, and all kinds of dreams and passions that take me in all kinds of different directions. I’m not always good at prioritizing and usually feel like I’m not doing enough of the things that I should be doing. I’m learning self-leadership and how it’s a huge part of leading others, and I’m coming to terms with the fact that blogging may or may not be something I should be doing in this season of my life. No need to add another thing to the list at the cost of something else in this season. family > blog.
  3. I value face to face time more and more. I love having conversations, and blogs are set up more for information transmission than great dialogue. Sure, comments can give some dialogue, but I’d way rather sit over a cup of tea and chat about leading worship or what gear I think is best in churches or the theology of the atonement than just write about it and hope it does someone some good. If you want to hear about me on an issue, talk to me. Call me, email me, tap me on the shoulder and I’d love to chat. I’ve been reflecting lately on our current celebrity culture and how our impersonal social media have let people in only to a point and how much more awesome it would be if we started seeing everyone more as people and not just instagram feeds. Face to face conversations are awesome, so I’m down for more of those whenever possible.
  4. Practicing writing is great, but it doesn’t all need to be public. My blog previously is probably full of a bit of good stuff and a lot of useless stuff. It will probably continue to be so if I keep writing, but why not practicing writing just for myself, or for other things used elsewhere? I’d rather spend more time in a journal where I can process what’s going on in my life and things God’s teaching me instead of trying to take everything and make it into a great piece of wisdom for whoever may stumble across it on the internet. Again, there are great moments for that and I’m going to keep trying to do that when appropriate, but I’m okay with not maintaining the greatest blog in the world that’s updated 17 times a day.

I’m hoping to spend more time in the month of August both reading and writing, so maybe a few more blog posts will pop up here. But maybe not, and that’s great too. Thanks for reading, I hope you don’t feel like this wasted your time and you feel a little bit less guilty for not blogging more too.