Compassion, Brooks and a free song

There have been some really great things going on in my life in the past little while. Here’s a brief recap!

First, I’ve had the privilege to become an Advocate Artist for Compassion Canada. They’re a fantastic non-profit organization releasing children from Poverty in Jesus’ name, and I’m honoured to be helping out in the awesome stuff that they do. They’re child focused, Christ centred and church based and are doing phenomenal child development work across the globe. We love compassion – Christine is our current sponsor child from Uganda whom we love hearing from and writing to and we’re already working on getting another. Being an Advocate Artist means that I will have the opportunity to share about Compassion at different churches and retreats around here and help people see that they can make a difference in the lives of these kids and the Kingdom of God through something relatively simple that flows out of the abundance we’ve been given. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll just say that Compassion is awesome and I’m really excited to be working with them.

Photo thanks to John Voort

Photo thanks to John Voort

I had the opportunity to represent compassion at a really great worship night in Brooks last Friday night. We got to sing with 80+ youth and leaders and had a fantastic night together despite the frigid temperatures outside. It is so good to sing together and to be reminded through song of our Great God and the story that He has called us into. It was also so great to see our worship go beyond just singing and see three Compassion kids get sponsored – I think that’s 6 lives changed – the kids and the sponsors!

I’ve also been busy lately working at the church (I love my day job), watching my kids grow up (lots of screaming, but lying on the floor tonight and playing with lego more than made up for it) and doing my first seminary course through Regent (which I am loving!).

Life has been full lately – but I’m sure it is for you too, so thanks for taking the time to read this. In honour of the awesome things happening, I feel like giving away a song. If you head over to my soundcloud site, you can download Cut Through The Noise¬†for one week (sorry if you’re reading this after March 11th!). It’s a song that has been great to sing in our community and I’d love for others to enjoy it too, so feel free to share the link however you like to share things (and as always, the chart can be found here). Thanks for your continued support and prayers, I hope to sing with you soon

(and yes, there may be some new music coming down the pipe…)