Next steps from the Nashville trip

I’ve had tons of people ask me how my trip was and what’s happening next, so I thought this would be a good place to post that. And yes, I’m going to try to get back to doing weekly updates on the blog… I’ll even put it into my phone to see if that helps!

Spending the 9 days down in Nashville was great. Rachel and I got to hang out with some good friends, meet some new ones, and just get a break. I had the chance to work with some great guys, write 3 songs (which I really like) and spend a bit of time tracking drums and vocals. I spent lots of time thinking, talking and praying about ministry and music and how the two fit together, and even had the chance to hang with Mark Heimermann (a very nice guy who cares deeply for seeing the church take back the arts from the semi-broken industry).

The biggest question I get is, what comes next? Well… I’m working on that. I’ve decided that the three songs that I had the chance to write and track down there are the beginning of a project. I’m hoping to get back down there to finish it up. I want this project to be songs for the church, quite simply. I’m not looking for a record deal or touring or radio play, but I want to write and record a set of congregational worship songs that are theologically significant and accurate and musically simple and accessible but compelling to be sung in the church.

To do that, I’m going to need some help. I’m currently working on a budget and once I feel comfortable with it I’m going to look at my schedule and figure out what works there. Once all of those things are roughly in place, I’m probably going to go to a groupfunding site like Rockethub or Kickstarter and ask friends and family if they’ll join me in making this happen (in exchange for a copy of the disc, or me washing your car, or something else… ideas of things I can do are always appreciated…). If nothing else, I’d love for people to join me in praying for this project. I’m passionate about the church and passionate about well written and recorded music, so I’m really excited about how (simply) this is bringing those two things together. I’d love if you’d partner with me to make this happen, and as always I’d love to hear what you think.