September has been a busy month for me, with a few cool highlights I thought I’d share. Working in full time ministry at a church, September is always when things ramp up and this year was no different – we’ve had lots of ministries starting back up and a few special events happening. Two weeks ago we had my good friend Jason Germain come and do a worship arts training day with many of our volunteers – he helped give feedback to different bands and gave us some great things to think about when leading people in worship. Last weekend was our Identity youth conference – this being the 9th annual – and I was in a bit of a different role this year and got to host all of our special guests and produce the main sessions and kickoff. We had a fantastic weekend and Dan Bremnes did a great job leading worship (not to mention all of our other fantastic guests like Jeff Goring, Leeland Klassen, Josiah Johnson and Josh Worsfold – I could go on…)

September also brought some cool stuff for me outside of work – I was one of the featured artists on All About Worship and High and Holy God was played over 2400 times. Cool! I was also nominated for a GMA Covenant award (essentially the Canadian Doves, or Canadian Christian music awards). The nomination is for ‘Be Still My Soul’ in the Classical/Traditional song of the year category – not necessarily reflective of everything I do, but still quite an honour! If you want to check out other nominees or get any more details on the GMA’s, check out their website.

October is going to be busy too I’m sure, and I’m looking forward to being out at Millar College of the Bible for their Youth Edge retreat weekend in a few weeks – I’ll try to get an update and some pictures up after that one! That’s all for now, stay tuned for more news and thoughts on leading worship…