So it’s taken me a little while, but I’ve finally got a copy of “Shine Your Light” up for listening on my myspace. See here. It’s a quick recording that turned out pretty well!

I set myself a goal of writing something congregational for our “serve the world focus” at Efree and this is what came out. I’m actually really proud of this one – I feel like I hit a good balance of singable and yet sill musically interesting enough not to be boring, which I often find is one of the greatest challenges in doing congregational stuff. The song is essentially a reminder of who God is and what he has done and then recognition that those realities lead us to respond.

Here are the lyrics:

You turn dark to light within us

Concurring death with life

You shape hearts with grace and mercy

And call us to fields of white

Help us care for the broken

As we look to the sky

Reaching out for the wounded

Let us shine Your light

You are God of the nations

And our hope in the night

Bringing justice and healing

Let us shine Your light

Let Your kingdom come

Let Your will be done

Let Your kingdom come

On earth, O Lord

For those who are wondering about the technicalities of the recording: I tracked the acoustic (Duncan Africa mugavu OM), Electric (Anderson Atom through a Reason Bambino using the recording out jack), bass (Mike’s Warwick). Vocals were done on a M-audio Sputnik. Nothing was done in more than 2 takes… so nothing’s perfect. Thanks to Ken for the pads (hiding somewhere back there) and mixing and such. At some point I hope to do a full band recording of this one with drums and other fun stuff. I’d love to know what you think!