Two weeks to go….

Update: I’ve had some questions about how to contribute to the campaign, so here’s the very brief rundown. Go to and click on the ‘contribute now’ link on the right hand side. You can then select a perk and pay via credit card or paypal. Everything is in USD (sorry, but that’s all they let you do!). If you’d like a perk that’s not there or some combination of things (like 2 loafs of bread and a batch of cookies), just let me know – I’m always glad to do something else! Thanks!

Thank you. For those who have been in touch with me at all in the past month an a half, you know that I’ve been doing some fundraising for my upcoming EP which I’m going to be finishing up in early August (at least the writing and recording parts will be finished). I’ve had a huge number of people come along side of me and encourage me both in words and financially, helping to make this thing happen more easily. More than 44 people or families have given more than $4500 on my indiegogo campaign. I’ve been blessed by family and friends from across the country – some who know me well, others who barely know me. Most of my facebook friends have put up with me posting links and videos (I say most because I’m assuming some just got sick of it and unsubscribed from me… and I don’t really blame them!). My wife has put up with me spending time working away on videos and recordings and the like while she looks after our two wonderful children – who are sometimes act less than wonderful. I’ve learned so much about fundraising and the power of the community getting involved with a creative project like this. Thank you.

I’ve got two weeks left on the campaign, and some $3500 left until my goal (though I’ve had some in person donations which make it closer to just $2800, I just can’t add them to the campaign easily). For those who are wondering, the project is going ahead regardless – even if I don’t get a cent more, it’s going to happen. It would be AWESOME to meet my goal, but if I don’t I’m certainly going to feel more encouraged by the support I’ve received than discouraged that I didn’t meet something!

If you want to help me succeed even farther, could I ask a few things of you?

1. Come out to one of my free concerts. I’m doing on in Lethbridge tomorrow night at 7:30 in the E-Free Gym. Come on out and hear me play some of my music as well as a few other songs that mean a lot of me. There will be great coffee served by the wonderful people at Red Engine Coffee Roasters. i’m also doing one next Friday night when we’re going to be back in the Hamilton area. 7:30 at Wentworth Baptist in Hamilton. Come on out to whichever you’re closer to and bring some friends along. It’ll be way better than sitting at home watching CSI whatever-city-they’re-doing-now… and if it’s not, at least it’s free!

2. Share one of the videos of one of the songs I’ve recorded. Put it on facebook, twitter, email it to your mom – whatever! I’m really wanting these recordings and this album to serve the church well, especially in Canada, and the church is all about people. I don’t think they’re the greatest songs ever written and I don’t believe I’m going to be asked to sing them in front of 10 million people, but I hope they speak well and strike a chord in some peoples hearts. If they resound with you, share them. Here are the links – Cut Through The Noise and We Bring It All.

3. Share my indiegogo campaign. Again, facebook, twitter, blogs, emails… whatever. There are links from the main page of the campaign to do all of that (right under the main video). I don’t ask this lightly – I’ve realized in the past 6 weeks more than ever how many great causes are out there asking for people’s support – great things like compassion, your local church, friends going on missions trips, helping to break the cycles of poverty around the world – and I’m just making a record. I know there are great worship albums you can buy on iTunes for cheaper and you can have them immediately instead of waiting until the fall. I’m guessing you all hate spamming your friends with stuff as much as I now do. All that being said, if you still feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile and is something that will have impact in the church, in lives of people who gather weekly to sing, would you consider sharing it?

4. The obvious and most difficult – support me financially. Many of you already reading this have already done that, and thank you. Please don’t feel like you need to give more. If you haven’t, every dollar helps. Seriously. I’ll give you a digital copy of the album for $6, which is what it’ll cost on iTunes. I’ll give you other things for more, but you and I both know that whatever I’m giving you is probably not worth the money you might be giving me. It’s way more than just a product for a fee (though my wif’e’s bread is probably worth $25 a loaf…), you’re helping me to do a really high quality album in an amazing environment while learning tons, and at the end of the day, serve the church with integrity and excellence. That’s such a gift to me, and I thank you. If you decide that the resources that God has given you are better put towards something else, then please don’t give to me. We’re all working towards the Kingdom here and it’s all God’s money in the end, so if He wants me to have more for this project, he’ll find a way to get it to me.

Alright, enough writing for now. Thanks again to everyone who’s reading this and who has helped me in any way – it’s amazing to be a part of the communities I’m a part of and to really feel the body of Christ working that way. Thanks for being a part of this huge growing experience with me!